Inspiring Videos from past speakers


We are proud to release the first Shetalks speaker video on our web site which will highlight Ish Rasode. As a teenager, and daughter of cofounder Barinder Rasode, Ish shares her experience of bullying, her views on name-calling, and how to survive a mayoral campaign. 


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3rd Anniversary of SheTalks YVR


SheTalksYVR will be celebrating their third anniversary on March 4th.  Recognized by CNN International as one of the Top 10 Things to do in the World for International Women’s Day, SheTalks has seen close to 150 women grace their stage over the last three years.

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SUN RUN: My journey back to health and happiness


by Barinder Rasode

Something dawned on me as I recently heard my children speak of how active I was. Or, more accurately, once was. 

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International Women's Day


by Jen Marchbank

In 1975, at the beginning of the United Nations’ International Year of Women, the UN began their practice of celebrating women and girls on March 8th. For the UN celebrating IWD is an opportunity to highlight the importance of every woman and girl being able to exercise real choices in relation to her actions and opportunities; from participating in her communities and politics to being able to live in a society free from violence and discrimination. 

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SheTalks Radio - gaining momentum


SheTalks Radio launched at Roundhouse Radio 98.3FM on November 12th, 2016. It airs weekly on Saturdays from 11am to noon. We’re just over 2 months in and interest in the show is really picking up.

The show is hosted by SheTalks co-founder, Barinder Rasode. Barinder is no stranger to media, but stepping behind the microphone as interviewer is a role change for her.

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The Countdown to SheTalks is on!


2017-01-13 by Jenna

It seems like 2016 was a draining year for just about everyone - mind, body and spirit - am I right? I’m not going to lie, it was a bit of a rollercoaster for me too.

Although I’m very proud that it was the year I got into the Masters program (third time’s a charm), and made it through Tough Mudder (half) alive, I was hoping beyond hope that my dreams could come true in threes - and that I’d be able to get up on stage to speak at the 2016 TEDxGastownWomen event. But, it wasn’t meant to be…because something just as amazing was in the making - sheTalks!!!

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'It feels awesome to give back,' says Margot Gauley


by Sheila Reynolds

She was in her 20s when a manager at work asked her to get other staff involved in a charitable event. Little did Margot Gauley know it would mark the beginning of a lifelong enthusiasm that would add such depth to her already full life.

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'This is the best time to be a woman in history'


by Sheila Reynolds

There's a place, the middle, where you realize you've come a long way, but you don't know exactly what lies ahead and it's too far to turn back.

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How war changed the perception of women


by Sheila Reynolds

With November being a time of remembrance, it's important to note the evolving role of women in times of global conflict and how their contributions permanently altered the view of female capabilities and rights in society.

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A time to be thankful – however you express it


by Sheila Reynolds

My Facebook feed of late has been filled with a seemingly never-ending stream of inspirational quotes.

Yes, there are just as many adorable puppy photos and videos – I'm apparently friends with numerous big-hearted animal lovers.

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