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Jenna Reed-Cote - from SheTalks Health & Fitness 2017

Jenna emerged from her own personal health challenges to become a leader, role model and mentor for people facing complex health issues. Born with Spina Bifida, a condition that among other things left her partly paralyzed, Jenna continues to beat the odds - forging her own paths to personal and professional success.


Karen Bennett - from SheTalks Health & Fitness 2017

Karen has a passion for empowering students to help them improve their mental and physical strength. Through the years she has watched the confidence and competence of her students markedly increase.

Although martial arts is typically considered a male activity, their school has a high percentage of female students.


Helena Billen - from SheTalks Health & Fitness 2016

I'm Helena Billen an athlete, student, friend, sister, and daughter.  I currently weightlift for Lions Weightlifting Club, and have attended SFU since I graduated high school. I grew up with my two cousin brothers so instead of playing with dolls and playing dress up, I enjoyed sports and video games. Coming from an athletic family, I was taught at a young age that there is a balance between education and sports. After watching my father complete his wrestling career and witnessing him overcome various obstacles, I was determined to find a sport I would excel in. 


Karen Ogen - from SheTalks Resources 2016

Chief Ogen is of Wet’suwet’en ancestry and belongs to the Git’dim’den clan house of Spo’x. She comes from the Wet’suwet’en community outside of Burns Lake. Her background is predominantly in the social work field as a frontline worker, life skills coach, and program director.


Kim Rose - from SheTalks Health & Fitness 2017

Fall down seven times, stand up eight - A Japanese proverb that truly outlines Kim’s life which continues to be an adventure! Having used humour and fitness to get through every challenge in her life, she continues to believe in being a positive role model for others, especially her daughter and students.


Brianna Deutsch - from SheTalks Health & Fitness 2016

Brianna is a "quirky", authentic woman who has a passion for meaningful connections, a good underdog story and coffee with two sweeteners and one cream.  As a women who has gone through adversity and various harmful coping mechanisms herself, Brianna has a heart for women who can’t see past their pain.  It is through this desire that it has allowed her various opportunities to volunteer and give her time to organizations where the need is simple, but not easy to convey: unconditional love.


Sandra Brynjolfson - from SheTalks Resources 2016

Sandra is a part time instructor for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) electrical joint training committee, where she teaches the mentorship matters program. She is the co-chair on the IBEW local 213’s women’s committee. She is also a provincial rep for “Build Together” a program for the BC Building Trades that guides women in non-traditional roles.


Liz Metcalf - From SheTalks Health & Fitness 2017

Liz has a passion and desire to help women understand their bodies through proper nutrition, fitness, and overall wellness. Liz has always enjoyed fitness and has recently dived into the nutritional aspect of wellness a couple of years ago. Through her passion for nutrition, she realized that fitness is nothing without it. With a Holistic Nutrition Coach diploma from Nutraphoria in hand, Liz is educating others.


Edoye Porbeni - From SheTalks Technology 2016

Ms. Edoye Porbeni is an Entrepreneur and Project Management Professional who brings an innovative style to everything she does. She started her professional career as a journalist covering social issues in marginalized communities. She then followed her instinct as a “doer,” moving to Project Management and started her own firm (Apollo), where she and her team focus on healthcare innovation and quality improvement.


Philippa Wilshaw - From SheTalks Resources 2016

Philippa Wilshaw is the Mining Industry Leader for KPMG’s practice in the Greater Vancouver Area. Philippa began her career in 1993 with KPMG UK, moving first to Toronto for two years and then to Vancouver in 2005. She is a member of KPMG’s GVA Management Committee in the role of Strategic Markets Leader, where she plays a lead role in revenue growth initiatives and works closely with industry teams to drive KPMG’s success in the market.


Rosa Livingstone - From SheTalks Health & Fitness 2016

Rosa Livingstone is a successful Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mind Coach, published Author, Teacher and Trainer with a full time practice since 2006. She is passionate to help clients overcome their blocks to being their “best selves” in areas such as health and fitness, self esteem/confidence, depression and anxiety.


Victoria Cross - From SheTalks Technology 2016

Victoria is a Senior Community Strategist at NationBuilder, where she advises political parties/campaigns, government, non-profits and businesses on how best to create effective digital and community engagement strategies. Victoria speaks regularly across Canada on the topic of bridging the digital/traditional divide through community organizing and strategies to break through the marketing noise in a digital era


Vicki Li - From SheTalks Technology 2016

After a career in corporate sales and finance, Vicki founded LETT - a digital relocation platform to help people find the perfect homes based on lifestyle. Having spent time in the United Kingdom and China, she returned to Vancouver to create a company to empower expats and re-locators with the resources to find the right home. Vicki speaks regularly at tech events in Vancouver.


Lana Eagle - From SheTalks Resources 2016 

Lana is an Indigenous relations strategist, advising companies on how to better engage with Indigenous communities. She was a “pioneer” for Aboriginal women in being one of the first to Chair a junior mineral exploration company.  As well as building her consultancy, Lana is the Executive Director of the Industry Council for Aboriginal Business. 


Sharan Sumal - From SheTalks Technology 2016 

Sharan’s passion for product design was ignited during her very early years with Daily Hive, Western Canada’s largest online only media publication.  Having been with the company from it’s inception as Vancity Buzz to it’s evolution as Daily Hive, Sharan acquired a deep knowledge into the digital product space.


Theresa Laitar - From SheTalks Health & Fitness 2016  

Special Olympian Theresa Marie Gabrielle Laitar, is Ojibwa and was born in Manitoba, Portage La Prairie, Long Plains Reserve.  Theresa is active in many sports including 5 pin bowling, softball and soccer.   She and her team won a silver medal in provincials for softball which was Theresa’s first medal ever!


Jeanette Patell - From SheTalks Technology 2015 

Jeanette is the Government Affairs and Policy Leader (Energy) at GE In this role she provides strategic insight and guidance on policies impacting the electricity, oil and gas sectors and trade and economic policy. Prior to joining GE, Jeanette was a diplomat with Global Affairs Canada. Her career in the Canadian Foreign Service focused on international trade policy and securing market access for Canadian exporters.


Meghan Burrows - From SheTalks Health & Fitness 2017  

Meghan Burrows is a Recreation Therapist and Performance Coach who believes in bringing out the inner athlete in everyone. With her BSc in Biology and post-graduate diploma in Recreation Therapy, she has a passion for learning and educating others.


Sandra Case - From SheTalks Resources 2016 

Sandra Case is the Vice President, Human Resources and Labour Relations for Port Metro Vancouver and has more than 20 years of human resources and labour relations experience. She began her career as a labour and employment lawyer and worked for various high profile law firms.


Margot Gauley - From SheTalks Health & Fitness 2017 

Over the last year Margot’s life was turned upside down! But with her “glass is half full” and “laughter is the best medicine” attitude, and her new found health & fitness regime, the hurdles she faced were a lot easier to handle and her passion for health & fitness increased ten-fold!


Dr. Lyn Anglin - From SheTalks Technology 2015 

Lyn joined Imperial Metals in September 2014 as Chief Scientific Officer, and was appointed Vice President Environmental Affairs in April 2017. Her extensive experience in geoscience research and engagement with the public will guide research activities and studies of the impact of the tailings breach at the Mount Polley mine. She was the inaugural President and CEO of Geoscience BC responsible for providing overall leadership and conducting applied geoscience work to attract exploration and development investment to British Columbia. 


Ish Rasode  - From SheTalks 2017 

Ish Rasode is the next generation of the SheTalks family. At 13 Ish knows all too well how important it is to be confident in your own skin. In your own way. During her mom's political career she learned that a firm grounding/understanding of what is important drowns out the noise.



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