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Cindy Dalglish

Once I was forced out of my “my child is okay” bubble, and realized the dire state our public education system is in, myself and like-minded women formed a group called Surrey Students Now. To say this bubble-bursting has changed my life’s course would be an understatement. Something sparked in me and I have been passionately, and without abandon, seeking attention to our struggles here in the Surrey School District. In this past year, I have taken the Province and the City to task on each of their roles in the over-crowding issues in Surrey. Our message is simple: fund education adequately and continually so that each and every child in the District can reach their potential based on their individual needs through supportive learning environments. Develop Surrey with school infrastructure, and not before. And the media has been generous to give this messaging a platform.

Throughout my life, I have seized opportunity after opportunity to advocate for those that can’t speak up for themselves. In elementary school, I was the kid standing up for the disabled child being picked on. Later in life, working in the non-profit sector for organizations such as the Lions Society of BC (Easter Seals), ALS Society, CNIB, Ronald McDonald House, Special Olympics, and Victoria Hospital Foundation. As a long-time Surrey resident and community-minded person, I am a board member for the Panorama Neighbourhood Association and Treasurer for Canadian Parents for French – Surrey Chapter. I volunteer frequently, with my 8 year old daughter, with the Pop Up Soup Kitchen on the Whalley strip. My previous volunteer commitments included working with the ALS Society of BC, Victoria Hospitals Foundation, Special Olympics, and Ronald McDonald House, to name a few.

My passion is ignited by the simple fact that we are all human and are all worthy. 

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