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Pamela Sangha

My name is Pamela Sangha, I've been a sales professional for 5 years, and I was a 26 year old candidate in the last federal election in an incredibly tough riding. Through the campaign I realized that my true passion in life was politics. While I knew it was my first campaign and I was going to lose, I had no idea how in love I was going to be with the whole process. I'd finally found passion for something. That tingly feeling people talk about when they do what they love everyday. I had found it!

When it all ended I became very anxious at what was my current job because it didn't fuel my passion like the election had. I've suffered from anxiety my whole life, and I had this gut wrenching feeling that I knew I had to quit, but I had no plan. I've been a type A always had a plan human since the day I came out of the womb. It was after quitting my job and realizing that I needed to chase my passion that I realized what this life journey is really about.

It's about finding self love and finding things that fuel self love. I have always been an overweight person, and have always settled for less because of the way that I look which is why I avoided my passion (which thrusts you into the limelight) for such a long time.

Now, a year after I've realized that you have to say what you feel, and go for what you want, and take time for self care and self love. Because that's when you have the guts to go after what you truly want.

Now, I'm on the executive council for a political party and constantly learning to help gear myself up for the next federal election. As long as I'm on this path of continuous learning towards that one goal of becoming elected and representing my constituents. I will never have that anxious feeling again.

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