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Victoria Clements

This tall, loud, in your face red head has a heart of gold and honest intentions in the right place. With over 30 years of experience in the trenches of the entertainment and fashion industries she has quite a few stories and many tricks up her sleeve that she gladly passes on to her friends and clients of Posh Intertainment, a company specializing in Marketing, Promotions and Events for the Art, Film and Fashion Industries


In 1982 this gymnast, dancer, actress and model was stricken with paralyzing rheumatoid arthritis overnight. For the next 8 years she struggled to do the most mundane of things in extreme debilitating pain. At one point the doctors advised her that it was no longer safe for her to drive.

Forever grateful to an exasperated friend that phoned her Dad and begged him to spend the money to send her to a Naturopath, she finally started to heal with learned alternative healing modalities, personal development and mental visualization meditation practices.

With the return of her working limbs, and the greatly reduced intense pain, her head started to clear and she was able to move and think again of her dreams and ambitions in the Film industries she had shelved many years before. So Dec 5th of 1998 she decided to make her Dream come true and made the BIG move from Victoria to Vancouver.

Long story short, she immersed herself into the Vancouver Film Industry and began a Fast track intro to herself. Starting as a Film Industry Events Producer and working her way up from On Set Production Assistant to Film Studio Manager in a short 2 years, this Go Getter was wasting no time.

It was through this amazing journey that she met her Producer Mentor from Los Angeles that taught her the Power and Magic of Manifestation.

This Power, is the Magic she is here at SheTalks today to excitedly pass onto YOU! 

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