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Elishia Perosa

My journey has constantly beckoned of me to choose Strength. I do company marketing and branding, I work in the music industry in Los Angeles as a composer/songwriter/singer, I am a scriptwriter, an actor, a voice-actor, and I am most proud to give back to the community as a soccer coach of young girls. I am always laughing, always telling jokes, always believing in happiness! 

However, in the summer of 2016 I was violently physically assaulted by an exboyfriend. I fought the system, questioned the system, strived to have faith in the system, and in the end, no matter the outcome, I emerged no longer the Victim, but the Victorious. With my inner Strength and my powerful Faith, I braced the fire and cast the Mountain to the Sea. 

Though at seven months out I still face a long road ahead of rehabilitation, I refuse to allow this incident to define me. I refuse to allow the system to not hear my cry for Change. I believe firmly in Equality, Respect, Truth, and what is Real. With this experience, process, and many incomprehensible challenges under my belt I find myself at the point of attempting to regain My Life back. But no matter what: #iAmResilience.

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