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Jennifer Ward

Owner of Eternal Messages Gifts and author of " A Mother's Call"

Speaking on Surviving Long Term Domestic Violence

Jennifer is a 45 year old Woman, She tried to plan her life accordingly got married at 24 and went on to have five children with and share 18 years of marriage with her 1st love.

Slowly as the years were progressing Domestic Violence was also progressing Rapidly Jennifer fell into a cycle of abuse.

Jennifer like so many other women coped in life rather than living it. She struggled for years all alone feeling somehow this would be her world til her last breath, and it was all her fault.

She finally found a way to break free and begin her road to healing and loving life again.

She has treated every memory every scar like a lemon and continuously is finding ways to make lemonade. By doing this Jennifer has never lost her heart, fight, or undying faith. She is no longer being quiet. She is no longer reacting to the chaos and bully. Instead she is standing up straight with her feet strong on the ground marching forward. 

 Jennifer's mission is to break all women's silence, to empower other women to walk beyond the violence. To teach people in power what women in these situations really need been the to leave, and to heal. Jennifer has found voice and loudly is using it to create changes for all women through speaking and advocating for all Survivors of Domestic Violence.

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