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  • Mona Forster

She Talks Resources 2016 is around the corner

The countdown has begun to SheTalks Resources 2016! On Friday, May 13 we welcome 16 amazing women who will share their personal stories as part of one of the most inspirational days you can experience.

I am thrilled as the Chair of the SheTalks Resources 2016 to invite you to come to an event designed to uplift, empower and inspire. Our speakers represent a diversity of experience and expertise and they each have a unique story to tell. We are honoured to have them grace the stage of SheTalks Resources.

Early in my career, there were few women working in the mining industry, let alone in supervisory or leadership positions. I started off in an administrative role at a gold producer, which was a natural entry point for the majority of women working in mining. I watched over time, however, as women within the sector broke down barriers and took on roles as underground miners, truck drivers, mill operators, electricans and geologists. While I agree progress has been slow, when I look over the span of my career I can see that more women are reaching positions of influence.

I have seen positive change when men and women work together collaboratively. This holds true for teams for that were predominantly female as well as predominantly male before a balance was attained. As a society, I believe we need to harness the power of everyone who can contribute and take care of those that cannot. I believe gender balance in all organizations, at all levels, is critical to harnessing this power.

Events such as SheTalks Resources provide a unique forum for women to tell their story about what they have learned, what they believe and what the possibilities are for all of us. This event highlights the capability of women to advance the development of our bounty of natural resources as leaders and mentors, as equal partners and contributors to our common future.

This event would not be possible without the support of the SheTalks Global team and Resource Works, along with our sponsors and dedicated organizing committee and volunteers.

Join us for a day you will long remember. We look forward to seeing you there!

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