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  • Linda Stromberg

SheTalks Radio - gaining momentum

SheTalks Radio launched at Roundhouse Radio 98.3FM on November 12th, 2016. It airs weekly on Saturdays from 11am to noon. We’re just over 2 months in and interest in the show is really picking up.

The show is hosted by SheTalks co-founder, Barinder Rasode. Barinder is no stranger to media, but stepping behind the microphone as interviewer is a role change for her.

Linda Stromberg: Tell us about the relationship between SheTalks and Roundhouse Radio (How did SheTalks Radio come to be?)

Barinder Rasode: Roundhouse is a progressive radio station that is committed to real conversations. In depth, with not just the sound bite. Roundhouse’s Margaret Garrison approached us with the suggestion to do a show. Don Schafer, the CEO, is also a Liberal Studies graduate at SFU and was happy to support SheTalks, a platform to share women’s stories.

LS: How do you decide who to invite as guests each week?

BR: We’ve begun by inviting our previous speakers. The radio show provides an opportunity to reach a much broader audience then we have with our events so this is another platform we can provide for sharing stories. It’s also an opportunity to go a bit deeper and have a conversation.

LS: The show is "unscripted" and you don't skirt the issues. As host, how do you determine where to lead the conversation?

BR: I say hello and there we go! Our guest chooses what they highlight about them self. Once they introduce themselves the rest takes shape.

LS: Why is a show like SheTalks Radio important?

BR: It provides women a platform to share their story. Listeners can relate to a single part or many parts of a woman’s story. Women are reminded that every journey has its moments. Being true to who you are is all that matters because every woman is perfect just the way they are. No need to always feel you need to be better, do better.

LS: Why should people tune in to SheTalks Radio each week (How do you hope people will benefit from listening?)

BR: The conversation is funny, light and serious at the same time. We learn so much about the amazing things women are doing. It’s relatable, relevant and often insightful. Feedback we’ve received has been very positive.

LS: Your next show will be live from SheTalks Health & Fitness in Surrey. What can we expect to hear? Who will you be speaking with?

BR: This will be a first for us. The show airs live beginning at 11 so the order of what we air will depend on how the day is unfolding. We hope we can capture one or two of our speaker’s stories, we will also interview exhibitors and attendees. It should give our listeners a brief glimpse of what a SheTalks event is like. You and I know how inspiring these events are so I encourage readers to plan to attend in person. Tickets for SheTalks Health & Fitness in Surrey are still available through our website.

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